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How To Tell If Your Home Has Termites

Termites In Your Home

Your home is more likely to be hurt by termites than a fire. Every year, termites cost the American economy $5 billion. Whether you live in the woods or on the beach, your property is at risk for termite damage. By detecting the signs of an infestation early, you can limit the repair cost and damage caused by termites.

Look for Insects

If you have termites in your home, one of the first signs is a rise in flying insects. Known as swarmers, these winged creatures will fly around your home and discard their wings in springtime. Since termite swarmers look like flying ants, proper identification can be tricky.

Check for Damage

Over time, termites can cause damage to your floors and walls. Even if you have laminate flooring, termites can still cause the floor to blister and sag. If your floor feels spongy, you may have termites infesting your home. Check for unexplained cracks on your interior walls because this is a sign of termite damage. The termites like to eat the cellulose in the timber, which can cause cracks to form.

Foundation and Ceiling Damage

Other than your walls and floor, termites can also damage your foundation. While most foundations are made of concrete, termites will squeeze through any cracks to reach the floor joists. Termites can also be found on the beams and wood of the ceiling. Attics and rafters are also possible sites of termite damage.

Weakened Wood, Sticking Windows and Termite Droppings

If termites have been munching on your home for a while, they have changed the shape of your home. This can cause windows, frames and doors to stick. If you knock on the wood, it may sound hollow or appear weakened. Likewise, termites may cause decking and wooden fence posts to break down and collapse. If termites are present, you may notice termite droppings. Known as frass, the termite droppings are a by-product of the wood that the termites eat.

Every home and business can potentially harbor termites. Once termites take hold, it can be extremely challenging to remove them through over-the-counter pest control methods. If you need immediate solutions for a termite problem, call A-Academy Termite and Pest Control for help. We are happy to help residents in Red Bank and our service area rid their termite problems, so don't hesitate to reach out.

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