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Uncovering the Hiding Places of Bedbugs

Nothing is more disgusting than seeing scurrying bedbugs running across your sheets or mattresses. Once they make their appearance, they are extremely difficult to wipe out.

What makes the battle even more challenging is that bedbugs are masters at disappearing and concealing themselves until they become thirsty for their next meal.

Arm yourself with knowledge in your war against bedbugs. Learn their secret hiding places so you know how to plan your attack.

Hiding Places of Bedbugs

Edges of Mattresses

Checking your mattresses periodically is a good practice of hygiene, even if you have not seen evidence of a bedbug invasion. Bedbugs almost always hide along the seams and edgings of mattresses. Take a flashlight and a fine-toothed comb and examine every seam for these tiny brownish creatures or dark smears that indicate their presence.

Crevices of Beds Frames

Once you have checked the mattresses and bedding themselves, move to the bedframes. This is the second most common place that bedbugs will congregate until their next major feed. Look along the joints of all frames and around the posts and legs of the bed.

Bedroom Furniture

Bedbugs are much smarter than hanging out only in beds. That would give them away. They prefer to also hide in surrounding furniture, such as in drawers of bedside tables, and under and in chest of drawers. They may even lurk in the baseboards and under closet doors, just waiting for the sun to go down and for you to let your guard down.

Corners of the Room

Bedbugs also tend not to stay low, as that would be too easy. Instead, they also love to elevate themselves by crawling up to the top corners of the room, awaiting their creepy descents. Look for small dark trails up the sides of the walls, and a congregation of these invaders in all four corners.


As you are turning over your mattresses, don’t forget to turn over your curtains. With all of their seams and foldings, curtains make perfect places of retreat for bedbugs. Use the same methods you do in hunting for them in mattresses to examine your window dressings.


Many of us may leave clothing on a chair or a gym bag or luggage in the corners of the bedroom. Bedbugs appreciate any form of clutter as places to lurk waiting for the opportunity to feed. Clear out and examine all forms of clutter in your rooms in the hunt for bedbugs.

As you can see, there is no end to the places where bedbugs can disguise their presence. If you miss just one place, you are in for a never-ending cycle of infestation. Do not leave the extermination of bedbugs to chance. Call on the experts of A-Academy Termite and Pest Control. These experts stand ready to help you completely rid your home of bedbugs through their professional services. Call on A-Academy today to uncover all of these hidden intruders in your home.

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