Ocean County Bed Bug Control


We at Academy know that detecting a bedbug infestation can sometimes be upsetting. Bed bugs can easily be transported from place to place without someone being aware that this has occurred. They can be transported from workplaces, movie theaters, planes, trains, on buses, in motels, at colleges, hotels and numerous other places.

Removing Bed Bugs from your Home

Bed bugs are extremely good at hiding, and usually only emerge for short periods of time, mostly at night to find a blood meal to feast on. They are attracted to carbon dioxide that humans exhale when sleeping. After they find a good source and feed on them, they inject their victim with their saliva which prevents blood clotting.

The bites can cause sores, itchy rashes, and can become swollen at the site. They also leave behind waste, which appears as dark spots in infected areas, such as mattresses or upholstered furniture. If you feel you may have such an infestation, call our office at Academy today to schedule your free bedbug inspection with one of our field supervisors. We can also give you a bedbug risk evaluation.