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How to Get a Pest Free Healthy Home

How to Get a Pest Free Healthy Home

Your area may be prone to pests of all types from ants and termites to rodents and much more. Unfortunately, these creatures and critters can find and creep through even the smallest cracks and openings in your home. Before you know it, it can feel like you have been completely overrun.

In terms of home pest control, we always recommend that you have long and short-term plans and initiatives in place for preventing future pest incidents. If that is not the case and pests have already invaded your home, here are a few ways that you can work with our pest control experts to eradicate your pest problem and keep them out in the future.

1) Take a Walk Around of your Home

There is a lot that you can do on your own to get a good idea of where your pests may be coming in. We recommend taking a walk around your home while notating the areas where pests and rodents may be sneaking in. Common locations include:

  • The attic
  • Your garage
  • The basement
  • The kitchen
  • Cracks and openings in and around doorways
  • Gardens, plants, greenery, mulch and soil that come into contact with your home

Take an account of anywhere and everywhere pests may be coming in.

2) Clean Everything

Cleaning your house and keeping it clean is one of the best ways of getting pests out of your home and keeping them out for good. Make sure that you are regularly vacuuming, sweeping, cleaning your floors, and wiping down your countertops. Especially make sure that you are cleaning the areas of your house that contain food and anywhere that you may be tracking in dirt or debris from the outdoors.

3) Contain All Open Food Sources

Pests are seeking shelter and a food source. That makes it even more important that you clean your kitchen. You need to make sure that the food in your refrigerator and pantry are sealed in airtight containers.

4) Seal the Cracks

You may already have an idea or at least a good hunch of where your pests are invading from. Sealing the cracks of your home with a caulking gun can be an effective way of stopping rodents and pests in their tracks.

There is a lot of prevention work that you can continue on your own, but if you suspect that you have a serious pest problem, you should contact a pest control expert immediately. Much of the damage that pests can cause will go unseen. Before you know it, you could have thousands of dollars of damage done to your home.

If you think that you may have a pest problem, then contact A-Academy Termite and Pest Control today.

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