Howell Pest & Termite Control

The best way to eliminate a pest or termite problem in Howell is to stop it before it happens. Obviously, for most people this is easier said than done. Our lives become so preoccupied with things that need to get done, we don't have the time to prevent a problem before it happens. However, we at A-Academy spend our time treating and preventing pest and termite infestations. We offer yearly treatments to help prevent infestations before its too late.

Termites 8 2Termite Treatments

We offer several treatments from liquid to baiting. Our technicians are always up to date on the latest treatment methods and standards. let us evaluate your property today to figure out the most appropriate treatment method for your termite problem.

All of our treatments come with transferrable, renewable contracts and you will never be cancelled or dropped.  If you sell your home, the termite warranty will carry over to the next owner.

Termite and Pest Inspections in Howell, NJ

All of our technicians are licensed and experienced professionals who have years of experience working in Howell. Before the pests cause any more damage to your home give us a call and let us inspect your home. Not only will we solve your pest problem today, but we can prevent them from coming back as well.Call us today and find out more.