Middletown Pest Control

Soldier termiteBecause it has warm summers and cold winters, Middletown, New Jersey, is a great place to live if you enjoy watching the seasons change. The town is near a range of unbeatable attractions that you don't want to miss when you are looking for fun and adventure. Middletown might have a lot to offer the residents, but is not without setbacks. Middletown homeowners and business professionals will face pests if they don't take action to keep them at bay, and you can't afford to fall into that trap.

Residential Pest Control

If you don't want pests to come into your home and cause problems for you and your family, learning about residential pest issues will help. Insects, rodents and other invaders will gladly come into your home in search of food and shelter if you give them the chance, and you will wish you had taken steps to protect yourself when that happens.

They can chew on your walls and taint your food, but some pests will even spread harmful pathogens. One small crack or hole is all that most invaders need to get inside, but our team of experts will safeguard your home from the threat and give you peace of mind. We will find and remove the invaders so that you won't need to worry about them any longer.

Commercial Pest Control

Running and managing a business is hard enough on its own, but adding pests to the mix makes it even more challenging. Pests that come to your business can scare your customers away, harming your bottom line and damaging your reputation. Stopping pests before your customers notice them is the only way to stay out of harm's way. Sadly, detecting and eliminating pests won't always be an easy task if you don't know what to do. At A-Academy, we understand how stressful that situation can be, so we will do what it takes to protect your business and safeguard your bottom line. Let us manage the invaders before they get out of hand, and you will be glad you did.

Bed Bug Control

Although you don't want to face any invader in your home or business, some are much worse than others. Bed bugs are tiny insects that nest near your bed for easy access to a fresh host, and they will leave red marks on your skin when they bite. You must remember, though, that not everyone shows bite symptoms. Being resistant to most pest control products makes bed bugs nearly impossible to manage, but our team has perfected the art of bed bug control and will eliminate them from your Middletown home sooner than you once thought possible.

Termite Control

Sagging walls and structural damage are what you can expect if you fail to spot and address the signs of a termite infestation. These pests will jump at the chance to consume the wooden parts of your home and will do so for many years if they remain undetected. Our team will stop the threat before you face additional damage, and we promise not to let you down.

Taking Action

Taking fast action at the first red flag is what will protect you from damage and help you move forward. The A-Academy team aims to protect residential and commercial properties from the most common and harmful pests you could experience, and you won't need to worry about the threat once we are by your side. Contact us right away if you are ready to get your free quote.