Known for its beautiful residential communities and scenic farmland, Somerset County ranks among New Jersey’s most desirable places to live. Many people love the area’s laid-back atmosphere. While Somerset has many great qualities, homes and businesses should never disregard the importance of pest control.

Pest Control in Somerset County, NJ

There are a number of different pests that can invade your residence. Not only do insects and other vermin bring health concerns, but they can also damage property. The presence of rodents inside your home can be especially alarming. Mice and rats are known for their ability to rapidly increase in number.

As soon as you notice rodent activity, contact a Somerset County pest control company. Although stinkbugs may not be quite as problematic, they can make your home a lot less inviting. When the weather warms up, you need to watch out for fleas and ticks. These blood-sucking parasites can expose your family and pets to quite a few dangerous illnesses. Other common New Jersey pests include wasps, carpenter ants, and cockroaches.

Commercial Pest Control for Somerset County Businesses

If you run a business or own commercial property in Somerset County, always put commercial pest control high on your list of priorities. Pests create sanitation issues, ruin products, and destroy property. Businesses also have to worry about bugs scaring away customers. When experiencing an infestation, hotels and restaurants can have their reputation stained for years to come. It’ll be hard to overcome the bad press. Warehouses, healthcare facilities, schools, retail stores, apartment buildings, and offices also need to have an integrated pest management plan.

Bed Bug Control in Somerset County

Bed bugs are unwanted household guests that can make life a lot more stressful. They love to hide underneath mattresses and bed frames. When you go to sleep, these insects will silently feed on your blood. Although bed bugs are not known for spreading disease, their itchy bites can keep you up at night. Even worse, some people can experience a severe allergic reaction. Fortunately, your local Somerset County pest control professional knows how to completely eliminate bed bugs.

Termite Control in Somerset County

When left undisturbed, termites can cause an extensive amount of damage to dwellings. They slowly devour wooden structures from the inside out. To avoid a financial nightmare, property owners are strongly encouraged to get a yearly termite inspection. Experienced Somerset County pest control experts can quickly detect the signs of termites. The next step is to develop a customized treatment program that eradicates these destructive insects.

If you have a home or business in Somerset Country, contact us for a free estimate on service. Our licensed exterminators promise to get the job done.