Wildlife Control Services in New Jersey


Despite New Jersey's industrial and economic growth, it's still a state with considerable forest lands and thriving wild life populations of many varied species. Some of them are more valuable to the human condition than others. Some, in fact, can be intrusive or dangerous and often need to be controlled or relocated. That's what we're here for and why we've been one of the most successful pest and animal control companies in the Garden State.

Commonly Reported Wildlife Problems in New Jersey

Some of the more common, troublesome wildlife species in New Jersey include:

• Snakes, Raccoons, Squirrels, Rats, Mice, Moles, Coyotes and Foxes

These are the ones that are most commonly reported. While they are certainly an important part of the native food chain, in our residential neighborhoods they can be extremely difficult to live with. Here's a few reasons why:

• Snakes in New Jersey: Snakes like tight dark places. While most of them are not poisonous, some are and they love to curl up under porches. If your child or pet confronts and frightens a snake, they could possibly become very ill or even lose their life from a snakebite.

• Raccoons: Raccoons are notorious scavengers. They will upturn garbage cans, explore the inside of garages and sheds and generally trash them in search of food. They can also carry rabies.

• Squirrels: Squirrels are rodents. They love to chew and are very nosy. If they can, they'll get into a shed, nest and chew through vents and door jambs to get in and out for food to raise their young. They also can carry rabies. Squirrels are a big nuisance in New Jersey.  Squirrels can also get in your home via your chimney.  If your chimney is unprotected, we suggest screening in your chimney.

• Rats and Mice: Well, we all know their reputations. Rabies, fleas, poisonous droppings and eating their way through your house and electrical wiring inside your walls are pretty much what they bring to the table.

• Moles: Moles will terrorize a garden and yard with their very sharp, rodent teeth.

• Coyotes and Foxes: These canine predators are a welcome and useful element of the wildlife population in their place, but in your backyard they can be dangerous. They will often attack and eat small pets and poultry.  We can rodent proof your NJ home if critters are sneaking in.

Monmouth and Ocean County Animal Control

With those critters roaming and scavenging through your yards, neighborhoods and homes, you and your family are potentially at risk. If you have a problem with these pests or other pests, you should strongly consider getting professional help. While we are based out of Howell NJ, we serve all of New Jersey, as well as some parts of NY and PA.

We have 40+ years of experience and thousands of successful captures, removals, re-locations and exterminations under our belt. We're not here to eradicate any wildlife species; we're here to make your life free of destructive, harmful and dangerous pests.

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