Asbury Park, NJ Pest Control Services

With over 40 years of experience handling all types of pest problems, A-Academy Termite & Pest Control is a good choice when you need preventative pest treatments or infestation exterminators. From large rodents to tiny ants, we have encountered every type of pest in New Jersey. Our company receives many calls each month from Asbury Park residents needing pest services. These are some of the most commonly reported pests in the area.


Termites are often hard to find since they are elusive. If you notice piles of wings, dirt tube-like formations along your foundation or wood that should not sound hollow when tapped but does sound hollow, you probably have termites. They may eat anything from rotting tree stumps to wallpaper and support beams in your home. Since some types of termites multiply rapidly, they can cost you thousands of dollars in damage repair quickly. We know how to eliminate termites fast.


Although rats and mice are the most common rodents in the area, you may also see possums and raccoons. Do not try to chase these pests away. They may carry rabies and will often attack and bite you if provoked. Mice and rats may hide behind walls or in secluded areas of your home. Rats can carry listeria, which is spread through their urine. Some mice carry hantavirus in their droppings. Both are serious illnesses that require medical treatment. Since rats and mice eat through paper and plastic food containers, they can also cost you money in lost inventory by contaminating your food supply. Do not try to poison them since this only creates an expensive and smelly mess. We know how to effectively remove infestations and can help you keep these pests out of your home in the future.


You may inadvertently pick up bedbugs in hotels, at work or at a friend's home. You may bring them home by purchasing used or returned furniture. Your child can also bring them home from school in a backpack. These pests multiply fast. Since they are tiny, flat and elusive, it is hard to detect an infestation. The itchy red bumps caused by them biting you while you sleep may be the only telltale sign. However, they also leave reddish-brown excrement that looks like dirt. You may find it along your mattress or on furniture. These pests feed on your blood but can live for over a month without it. We offer the most effective methods for removing and preventing all termites.

Carpenter Ants

These ants are distinguishable from other types because they chew on wood. Carpenter ants build colonies in the wood, and the destruction grows as their population increases. Although they are most common outdoors in damp trees and along wet exposed eaves, you may find them in your basement, bathroom or another room in the home where wood can get and stay damp. Our professionals know how to remove these ants and prevent further wood damage.

For any type of pest problem in Asbury Park, call our professionals. We provide prompt inspections to identify the issue and will suggest a customized treatment plan. Ask us about our preventative pest control treatments that keep you ahead of problematic infestations. Call us today for a free estimate.