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Ant Control Myths

Ants can invade your home throughout the year in search of food. Once a scout finds a reliable food source, other members of the colony will follow a scent trail to the bounty. Even the most clean and well-maintained homes are at risk. Because ants are such a common problem, everyone hopes for a quick solution before these pests establish a colony inside their house. As a result, several myths have become popular. Unfortunately, these folk remedies cannot rid your home of ants. Here are some of the most popular myths.

Myth: Use Cinnamon, Garlic and Pepper to Control Ants

Ant 10While it is true that ants do not like the smell of cinnamon, garlic and pepper, these common ingredients will not kill or completely repel the insects. The strong scent of these products only temporarily masks the pheromone trail that ants use to communicate and navigate. If you already have an infestation, these spices will not solve the problem. 

Myth: Boiling Water Gets Rid of Ants

Although boiling water kills ants on contact, it only works as long as the liquid is hot. Boiling water only works on the ants that you see. It does not eliminate an infestation or stop a colony from moving indoors. You could also accidentally burn yourself.

Myth: Oatmeal and Grits Kill Ants

Adult ants do not eat solid food. Their larvae break the dry grains down first and then feed the liquid to the rest of the colony. As a result, they will not explode by absorbing water or dry out after eating oatmeal or grits as is commonly believed. Spreading grits and oatmeal just provides these insects with a source of food. 

Myth Vinegar and Baking Soda Kill Ants

Like so many other home remedies, vinegar and baking soda only temporarily mask the scent from a pheromone trail. They do not kills ants or eliminate an established colony. 

Myth: Draw a Chalk Line Across Your Doorway to Keep Ants Out

Ants may turn around when they reach a chalk line because it temporarily disrupts the scent trail that they leave behind. Chalky feet may prevent ants from climbing. These effects are only temporary. You will have to keep drawing chalk lines around your house.

Hire a Professional Pest Control Expert

Short cuts rarely get the job done. Ants are persistent pests. They are constantly looking for new sources of food to support their ever-expanding colony. It is important that you contact a professional pest control team for the best possible solution. Our knowledgeable technicians use the latest technology to quickly eradicate an ant colony and stop future infestations. Put an end to your ant problem by calling A-Academy Termite and Pest Control for a free, no-obligation quote.

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