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Beware the Itch! How to Avoid Summer Mosquitoes

By the end of winter, we are all dreaming of the warmth of summer, sitting out on the patio and watching the sunset. We envision outdoor barbecues and picnics. And we daydream about camping trips and evening walks. When summer finally arrives, we end up hiding inside to stay away from the dreaded mosquitoes. Take back your summer with these tips on how to avoid summer mosquitoes!

Dump the Water

Look for any place in your yard and outdoor space where water collects. Mosquitoes will set up a baby nursery in just a ¼ inch of standing water. If you have a decorative pond, add some bug-eating fish to the pond or a fountain to keep the water moving. Do a puddle check once a week to keep any eggs from hatching.

Dress to Repel

Adopt the styles of outdoor lovers by wearing light-colored, loose clothing. Your little flying enemy can sting right through tight clothing, so baggy is better. Keep your shoes on while you’re at it. Mosquitoes fly toward body odor, carbon dioxide and heat, so bare feet and sandals are an open invitation to your skin.

Grow a Garden

There are several herbs that you can add to your landscaping to repel mosquitoes. Some of them are lemon balm, basil, lemon grass, mint, lavender, rosemary, sage and thyme. Toss some thyme, sage, or rosemary on your barbecue coals to smoke the mosquitoes away.

Watch What You Eat

Your food choices will affect how attractive your skin is to mosquitoes. Check out this article by Mosquito Magnet about what foods to avoid and what to add to your diet.

Skip the Perfume

Mosquitoes feed on flower nectar when you’re not around. They will be even more drawn to you when you are wearing flowery perfumes. One exception is “Bombshell” by Victoria’s Secret. This scent may attract men, but it repels mosquitoes.

Run a Fan

Something as simple as a fan blowing toward your outdoor seating area can keep the stingers away. They are not good flyers and will give up rather than battle the breeze to get to you.

Recruit Flying Help

Put up a purple martin birdhouse in your backyard, or build a bat house. These flying bug eaters will gobble thousands of bugs each night.

If these simple solutions are not enough to keep the mosquitoes at bay, then it's time to call in the professionals. The technicians at A-Academy Termite and Pest Control will do a complete inspection of your space and present you with solutions for your mosquito problem. Take your yard back this summer!

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