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Did You Know We Do Chimney Screening?

A-Academy offers an affordable chimney screening service. Our durable screens provide an assortment of valuable benefits. They can prevent dangerous chimney and roof fires in some situations. Screening also stops a variety of animals from entering your New Jersey home.

Keep Wildlife Out

Small birds might take up residence in your chimney during the warm months. They see it as a desirable nesting site because it protects them from predators and harsh weather. Unfortunately, birds may produce distracting noises and coat your flue liner with droppings.

Bats could enter an unprotected chimney while pursuing mosquitoes. They might decide to live in it or attempt to infiltrate other parts of your home. These creatures become active at night and make bothersome squeaking noises that will keep you awake for hours. They can spread mites, bat bugs and potentially fatal illnesses.

Flying insects also invade chimneys from time to time. If these bugs enter your home through a fireplace, they might construct indoor nests and sting or bite you. The good news is that a screen will keep wasps, flying ants and mosquitoes at bay.

Animals don't necessarily need wings to enter chimneys. Raccoons and squirrels can climb to the top of this structure without much difficulty. Nearby tree limbs may help them reach it. Like wasps and birds, these animals might build nests. They often carry fleas and other parasites.

You may believe that pests won't cause any major problems if they remain inside of the chimney. However, a rodent or wasp nest could start burning and spark a major chimney fire. Nests might impede the flow of smoke as well.

Catch Sparks, Embers

If embers or sparks try to escape your chimney, a screen will probably stop them. This reduces the likelihood that your roof will catch fire. It also prevents sparks from reaching the highly flammable tree debris in rain gutters.

Additional Services

A-Academy can provide several services that will help you maintain a safe chimney. We install steel caps and thoroughly clean flues. Our cleaning service eliminates dangerous creosote. This flammable residue accumulates when you burn wood; it triggers numerous house fires.

If animals have already invaded your house or chimney, we can safely remove these creatures and their nests. Our licensed, insured staff serves homeowners throughout central and southern New Jersey. Please contact us to learn more about A-Academy's affordable screening, cap installation and wildlife removal services.

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