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How Summer Weather Affects Household Pest Problems

Summer is a time for fun and relaxation – until pests wreak havoc in your home and yard! Summer weather often creates pest problems that do not exist during colder months. Here are some ways that summer weather affects household pest problems.

Some Pests Thrive in Warm Weather

Many pests thrive in warm weather and come out of their nests and burrows to enjoy the hot sun. Many of these pests also use the summer months to eat, build their homes and get ready for the winter. Pests like wasps and bees come out of hibernation in the summer and can be a real nuisance to your home and backyard. They build new hives and are constantly flying around flowers and shrubbery. Rodents like squirrels, chipmunks and raccoons also come out of hibernation in the summer and make holes in your backyard to hide food and for shelter.

Summer Flowers Attract Pests

Summer flowers and plants attract wasps, bees, beetles, ants, and a variety of other insects. These flowers and plants aren’t in bloom during winter months, so this problem is only during the summer. Many insects will decide to build their nests near flowers they are attracted to, so if they like your flowers, you may find a beehive or nest somewhere on the outside of your home.

Moisture Attracts Pests

Summer months are often humid and moist which is perfect weather for mosquitoes. Swimming pools and other water activities are also elements of the summer that attract mosquitoes. Any kind of standing water can be a home for mosquitoes. They survive off human blood, so they will be flying around your home or yard waiting for a chance to bite.

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