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How to Deal with Pests After a Summer Vacation

As summer approaches, it's common for many families to head off on exciting vacation adventures. As you prepare to leave for your summer vacation, it's also wise to take steps to keep your home free from pests while you're away. In the paragraphs that follow, we will discuss practical tips to help keep pests from invading your space while you're on vacation. We will also give you some helpful advice on how to deal with any infestations upon your return.

Protect Your Home Before You Leave

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so it's always best to put a halt to pest problems before they start. There are several tips you can employ to keep annoying pests out of your home while you're out of town.

Tidy Before You Leave

It is ideal to clean your kitchen, take out your trash, and sweep and vacuum your floors before you head out of town. Food waste, empty containers, crumbs, and other debris are going to attract insects, bugs, and rodents to the area. Dirty dishes left in the sink or table can also bring hungry critters into your home.

Close Windows Before Leaving

Open doors and windows are a wide open invite for bugs and other insects to enter the home while you're gone. Since you won't be there to notice the new additions, they can take up residence and begin to reproduce before you ever return home.

Give Natural Predators a Helping Hand

Birds and many other mammals feed on insects and other types of pests. Encourage these natural predators to take up residence outside the perimeter of your home so they can keep the insect population low while you're away. Bird feeders and bird baths are an excellent way to keep insect eating birds nearby at all times.

Tips for Dealing with Infestations Upon Your Return

Suppose a few insects or other pests manage to sneak through and make themselves at home. Take these steps when you return home from vacation to remedy the problem quickly.

Perform an Initial Inspection

As you return home from your trip, it's wise to make a one-time inspection of your entire home. Make sure you also inspect the outside perimeter and take note of any lingering spiders, insects, or droppings left behind. If you notice a small number of pests that snuck through, it will be easier to take care of them now before they get out of hand.

Hire a Pest Control Professional

Should you notice any serious infestations or become concerned about a hidden problem, contact a professional pest control service at once. They can help you nip any problems in the bud before they become worse.

Don't Forget Your Visiting College Students

If you have an adult child away at college, you likely relish the idea of having them come home for a visit this summer. Don't forget that it's common for them to bring along a few friends, namely bed bugs. Bed bugs are extremely popular pests around college dorms. They can easily hitch a ride back to your home in your child's luggage. To prevent an infestation, go through all luggage and clothing before bringing it inside to be unpacked and keep an eye out for the presence of bed bugs or other pests.

At A-Academy Termite and Pest Control, your peace of mind and safety is just as important to us as it is to you. We know how upsetting it can be to return from vacation only to experience issues with insects, rodents, or other pests. If you are in need of safe and effective pest control solutions, please contact us at A-Academy Termite and Pest Control today. We can provide immediate solutions to restore your peace of mind.

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