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How to Get Rid of Rodents in Your Home

Rats and mice are commonly found inside homes all across America. Just because they're common doesn't mean they're welcome guests. Rodents pose a genuine health risk and can also damage components of your home that can be expensive to replace. This damage can include such vital areas as insulation, important papers, clothing, or even electrical wiring. It's clear that any existing rodent infestations demand prompt treatment. How can you get rid of these pesky creatures? Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

How to Effectively Remove Rodents from Your Home

The following tips can help you get a grip on your rodent problem quickly.

Eliminate Entry Points

It's important to do a full inspection of the outside of your home on a regular basis. This will allow you to take note of any areas where rodents could be gaining access to your home. You can then make any needed repairs to keep them from finding their way inside. Be sure to check your attic, basement, and garage areas as well as any extra storage buildings or sheds on your property.

Follow Proper Sanitation Techniques

Cleaning and sanitizing your home will not get rid of existing mice and rats. However, having a poorly sanitized home will certainly attract these creatures. Rodents are drawn to food crumbs, empty food containers, and many other common household items.

Use Strategically Placed Traps

Basic mouse traps or baiting stations are a great way to trap and dispose of rodents. However, they won't be effective if they're not placed in the right locations. Be aware of any common entry and exit points and place traps nearby. Keep an eye on them often, however, because rodents can begin to detect the presence of traps and start to avoid them. In these cases, they may need to be moved to another location or a different tactic might have to be employed.

Ensure Use of the Proper Bait

Many types of foods attract rodents, but they also have some clear favorites. Among these favorites are peanut butter, dried fruit, bacon, and even oatmeal. Replace bait every couple of days to keep it fresh, as rodents will begin to avoid stale bait.

Remove Outside Attractants

If you keep trash cans near the perimeter of your house, they could be attracting rodents to the area. Similarly, tall weeds and other types of bushes can sometimes provide a good hiding place as well as proper coverage for rodents to have their babies. Keep trash cans covered tightly with lids when not in use.

Skip the Hassle and Hire a Professional

Sometimes rodents simply get too wise to your ways and prove to be a real hassle to handle on your own. Professional pest control companies can quickly and efficiently gain the upper hand on these uninviting pests, saving you both time and money.

At A-Academy Termite and Pest Control, we understand exactly how distressing it can be to find rodents residing in your home. We offer a variety of effective and safe methods for removing existing rodents. Our team of professionals can also help devise a plan to keep these potentially dangerous creatures out of your home. Contact A-Academy Termite and Pest Control today for a complete inspection and targeted treatment plan.

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