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How to Prevent Rodent Infestations

Rodents have no preference when it comes to invading a house. It doesn't matter if it's clean or cluttered; they want inside to escape from the elements, to find a better shelter and to have plenty of food. They get in through the cracks along the exterior and gaps around pipes, windows and vents. If you want to avoid a rodent infestation in your home, you'll have to approach it with a preventative mindset.

4 Tips for Preventing Rodents in Your Home

Keep a tight lid on trash and food.

RodentRodents are always on the lookout for food whether it's inside or outside. Keep the lids securely on both indoor and outdoor trash bins to stop rodent infestations. In addition, place your leftovers in sealed containers to keep rodents from sniffing them out and invading your kitchen.

Be proactive with home maintenance.

Houses go through regular wear and tear every year as the weather shifts and the seasons change. Perform regular home maintenance by caulking cracks and crevices that pop up over the year. Sealing these gaps will block rodents from finding easy ways into your home.

Maintain your lawn regularly.

Overgrown grass and shrubs give rodents good hiding spots and places in which to build their nests. Clutter is also a problem as it attracts mice and rats and brings them closer to your home. Reduce the clutter in your yard, and maintain the lawn every two weeks to keep unwanted rodents off your property.

Treat your home twice a year.

Having a professional technician treat your home for rodents once or twice a year helps tremendously. Technicians not only treat your home but can also find entryways or possible areas where rodents can sneak into your living space. Once these areas are blocked, rodents will no longer have a way to come inside and to contaminate your home.

Professional Rodent Control for Infestations

Taking preventative steps is the best way to stop rodents from infiltrating your home. Don't wait until rodents have already infested the interior living areas. By keeping a lid on food, maintaining your lawn and treating your home, you can stop rodents before they step one toe inside your home. If you need professional pest control services, A-Academy will eliminate rodents on sight and help to prevent them from returning to your house in the future.

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