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Keeping Crickets Out of Your Basement

Not only are crickets a pest from a visual standpoint, it can be annoying to hear them infiltrating your home. Especially if they’re in your basement, that environment can foster even more crickets multiplying within your living space. Here are a few tips to keep those pesky critters out of your basement and your house in general.


This is a solid first step to deter any pests in general from setting up camp in your house. Make an emphasis on keeping clean floors and crevices that would be otherwise attractive to crickets. They could be feeding on your scraps and crumbs that have fallen on the floor. Vacuuming would also suck up any eggs laid and the smaller crickets who are living in small areas.

Clean Up

Crickets love trash and clutter. Be sure to clear your area so that you don’t attract pests that feed off of trash and so that you aren’t inadvertently providing ample shelter for them in a dark and cool place. That’s what they like. So don’t provide that for them.

Seal Entryways

Crickets are small and flat creatures. They can easily get creative in making their way inside. Make sure that all cracks and crevices are properly sealed so that nothing on the outside has the opportunity to get in. This will also ensure that heat doesn’t seep through your walls and create an attractive entryway for bugs looking to get inside for warmth.


Keep traps in particularly dark spots in your basement. All you need is a sticky adhesive in paths and places that you’ve spotted crickets. The sticky paper is enough to keep them trapped so you can easily dispose of them and to keep them from spreading around your living space. You can also place them in common entryways that they come through to deter new ones from using the same path.

Set More bait

This is a D.I.Y. method. Place a bowl full of water in an area where you have a cricket problem. Place a few spoonfuls of sugar, honey, molasses or anything sweet in the bowl and mix it up. Crickets and other pests are attracted to sweet things. This is designed so that the pests will go up to the rim of the bowl and then fall into it. Change the water out a few times after you’ve caught some, and repeat the process until you believe you’ve caught them all. Contact A-Academy to schedule your inspection today!

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