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Roach Control Tips for the Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching, and you’re going to be really busy cooking and decorating. Make sure you leave some time to make preparations, so you don’t get any uninvited guests. No, we’re not talking about your relatives. We are talking about cockroaches! As the weather cools down, cockroaches will definitely want to come in for warmth and some holiday food.

How to Spot Roaches

German cockroaches are smaller in size. They don’t fly, but they do hitchhike, so they are likely to catch a ride home on holiday packages or groceries you bring home, and on boxes you have delivered to your door. They love water, and that’s why people call them “water bugs.”

The larger cockroaches are American cockroaches. They breed outdoors but will come indoors during cold weather. There are many things that you can do to make sure these unwanted pests don’t spoil your holiday fun.

Indoors, don’t leave food and drinks out. Clean up hidden crumbs in couch cushions and on counters as soon as you can, and otherwise store leftover foods in airtight containers. Vacuum and sweep floors often where food and crumbs may have fallen. Wipe countertops and appliances to ensure clean surfaces.

Roaches are attracted to lights at night, so don’t leave any lights on indoors overnight unless absolutely necessary.

There are many things you can do outdoors to keep roaches from nesting near your home and coming indoors during the cold winter months. First, rake leaves up around your house. Don’t use excessive mulch or pine straw as roaches love to breed in these garden materials. Don’t store wood piles near your home; instead, store them further away. Also, be sure to trim back any tree limbs that are hanging over your roof or touching your house. Larger American cockroaches can actually fly, and they’ll do so from any tree branches close to your house. The same is true for bushes, so trim those back from your home as well.

By all means, fix any leaks or other water problems you may have inside and outside of your home. Fix any leaky pipes, clogged gutters, basement leaks or any water standing next to your foundation. Make sure you’re not creating any ways for roaches to enter. That means fixing any broken windows and sealing all holes and cracks that roaches could use to gain access to the home.


Last, but certainly not least, A-Academy is here to meet all your professional pest control needs. Contact A-Academy today for an assessment and provide a thorough treatment inside and out to discourage cockroaches from becoming an unwanted holiday guest. Here’s a cheer to you for a bug-free holiday season!

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