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The 4 Most Common Places To Find Pests In Your Home

As we near mid-winter, you may have noticed that pests are getting a little too comfortable in and around your home. Or maybe they’re so sneaky that you haven’t noticed them at all. Now might be a good time to sweep over the main areas pests could be plaguing your home—and lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of their favorite spots. 

The Kitchen

It’s the hub of your life at home, so why wouldn’t it be a good pest hangout, too? Unfortunately, constant access to food scraps and water can keep those hangouts going on too long. Pests like ants and cockroaches can survive off the bare minimum and can be hard to spot. And you already know that flies and rodents would live forever in your kitchen if you’d let them. The good news is, we’re experts at kicking them out

Corners and Crevices

If you took a hard look at the corners and crevices of your home, you might be surprised at who's called dibs. Areas lacking in activity are a fan favorite for spiders and centipedes alike, both of which are never fun to find. But don’t worry, you don’t have to whip out your looking glass and sweep the halls each morning. Routine pest control can act as a preventative measure, and A-Academy offers the best in New Jersey. 

The Bedroom

Our bedrooms are the go-to for dust mites, fleas, and you guessed it, bedbugs. Even if you frequently clean, there are undoubtedly areas that go untouched or get a little too messy. We’re human after all, and pests like dust mites can’t get enough of that—literally. Mites survive off of our dead skin cells, which easily accumulate when dust goes unchecked. With the addition of Fido sleeping in or around your bed, what should be a place of comfort can quickly turn into an infested hotspot

Crawlspaces and the Attic

Consider this pest heaven. No humans, lots of dust, and shelter from the cold outside? Say no more! Most storage spaces also come with access to wood, and in the case that your crawlspace is near your home’s foundation, termites living in soil nearby can pose a serious threat. Contact with their favorite food could be disastrous for your home. 

If you spot one pest, there’s likely more nearby. Routine pest control can and should be a standard within your home. Contact A-Academy today. 

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