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Watch Out for These Pests in Your Crawlspace!

Everyone has the same fear of pests sneaking around in their crawl space and unfortunately, that fear isn’t unfounded. Many crawl spaces give pests the perfect spot to set up shop as there’s little human interaction, it’s always kept warm and provides quick access to their food supply. 

But just because it makes sense for them, that doesn’t mean it’s ideal for you. So to protect your crawl space from these pesky invaders, we’ll give you some tips on what to look out for. 

Hornets, Wasps and Carpenter Bees. 

You can probably easily spot one of these buzzing insects somewhere in your neighborhood, and they’re just as likely to be in your crawlspace, too. 

  • Carpenter bees especially enjoy crawl spaces because they prefer to build their nests in dead or structural wood.
  • Wasps or Hornets usually have larger nests, but they don’t bore into the wood like the carpenter bees so there won’t be too much damage. 

If you have any of these, you need to contact pest control as soon as you can. They’re a big danger to those living in the house, even more so for people who are allergic. So don’t try to extract these on your own. Learn more here.

Stray Wildlife. 

These animals are the ones that you commonly see running around in the night (often getting in your trash). Creatures like raccoons, squirrels, opossums and skunks are the ones usually found in crawl spaces, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t others. 

They can all sneak into your crawl space for warmth or shelter and may end up breeding. That can result in a long line of animals that you’ll have to deal with tearing up your crawl space. 

These animals are likely to carry rabies or other diseases, so removal is dangerous. If you believe that they might be some in your crawl space or elsewhere in your home, contact professionals for removal. 


Out of all the pests that we’ve listed, termites can be the worst. When left to their own devices, these pests will destroy your home. It’s estimated that they’re responsible for around $30 billion in damage each year. 

If you’ve noticed hollow or damaged wood, then you need to look into it quickly. Learn more about what you can do by visiting this page.

The Right Help Makes a Difference.

At A-Academy Pest Control, our field supervisors with over 40 years of experience know how to handle any pest problem. So when you encounter pests that are making your life difficult, you know what to do. 

Contact A-Academy Pest Control as fast as possible.

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