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Why Rat Traps are Insufficient for Removing Rodents

When it comes to pests, rats and mice are some of the nastiest. They can carry other insects in as well as disease. You do not want them in your home. One of the first things that you may think of is setting traps in order to get rid of the mice yourself. These traps are not as effective as you may assume. Many people make mistakes when using them and professionals should best handle an infestation. You need to have an understanding of trapping products, trapping methods, and an understanding of the habits of mice.

Why Rat Traps Are Insufficient

All types are not created equal.

There are many options out there when it comes to mouse traps, but they are not all equally efficient. If you get the wrong one, you are definitely setting yourself up for failure.

You're setting the trap in the wrong place.

Even if you have a great type of trap, it will do you no good if it's not in the right place. You need to take into account the behaviors of mice. They usually run along the wall and won't go anywhere that they feel could be unsafe.

You're using the wrong kind of bait.

While the stereotype is that mice love cheese, it is not great bait. It's easy for mice to get off a trap without triggering it. Peanut butter is a better choice because it is more difficult to get off the latch and more likely to cause the trap to trigger

Mice are smarter than you think.

Mice don't just chow down on whatever food they see. They are skittish and move fast. They also stay alert and take their time while they eat. Because of this, it's pretty common to find a sprung trap that has no mouse in it. Mice also learn. They will learn ways to avoid your traps and stay away from the areas you set them in. They also reproduce quickly, so even if you catch a few, there may be many more that have learned how to avoid them.

You have holes that you need to address.

The main source of the issue of rodents is that they are getting into your home or garage somewhere. You need to address this problem instead of relying solely on traps, otherwise, they will continue to get in.When it comes to a mice infestation, it is best to consult with the professionals who have a great understanding of how to find, catch and prevent mice from getting into your home. Contact Us today.

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