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Why Do I Need an Attic Inspection?

The attic is often one of the most neglected parts of the home. Most people view it as a place only suitable for storing boxes of holiday decorations, rarely worn clothing and those old yearbooks from high school. Some people choose to convert their attics into living spaces, but in most homes, they remain a low-traffic zone, making them the perfect living spaces for pests.

Pests in the attic can drive a homeowner insane by:

  • Making a lot of creepy noises during the night.
  • Chewing or otherwise damaging electrical wiring and causing a potential fire hazard.
  • Damaging the items you have stored in your attic.
  • Leaving droppings everywhere and putting your household at risk of serious diseases.

Common Attic Invaders

If a pest can get into your home, it can get into your attic. Attics are common nesting areas for rats and mice, but it’s important to check for other pests like termites, ants and cockroaches as well. It’s also very possible for larger animals like raccoons, snakes and opossums to sneak in. You might think that a creature so big couldn't possibly have a way into your home, but many homeowners have made the same mistake.

The Attic Inspection

If an infestation is bad enough, rodents and other pests can work their way into the insulation in your attic walls. This is especially true if portions of the wall are left uncovered by drywall. You shouldn’t assume that pest-control treatments will be enough. While they might eliminate the current population of pests, the remnants of the abandoned nests can attract more pests into those areas in the future. Completely removing the existing insulation and redoing the walls will give you the fresh start you need to remain pest free.

You can also use this opportunity to seal up small holes that might be allowing pests to enter and raising your utility bills. A properly insulated attic can lower your heating and cooling expenses, so checking on the situation every few years is a smart idea regardless of whether you think you have pests.

If you’re ready to clean out your attic and get a fresh, pest-free start, please contact the experts at A-Academy today. Our team can get into all the nooks and crannies of your attic and ensure that the entire area is pest free. We can also advise you on treatment options for any infestations we do find. Call now to get started.

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