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Wildlife New Jersey Homeowners Should Watch Out For

New Jersey is a beautiful place to live! There is suburban life for growing families, several gorgeous beaches and plenty of thriving wildlife. However, people who live in New Jersey definitely need to watch out for certain kinds of wildlife, as these pests could disturb their homes and property. Here are some examples of wildlife that New Jersey homeowners should watch out for. 


Mice, rats and squirrels are all common in New Jersey. These rodents make their homes in wooded areas, so you will find plenty of them in the New Jersey woods. If your home is near the woods, you will probably notice a few rodents around your property. This is not a cause for concern unless you notice lots of them in your home or yard. Mice and rats are attracted to food and waste debris, so to avoid attracting these pests, make sure to clean up your yard and home. 


Snakes like dark, cool places and they generally live in wooded areas. Not all snakes are dangerous, so if you notice the common garden snake near your property, it is nothing to worry about. If you begin to see lots of snakes with different patterns and colors, you should call an exterminator right away. Some snakes are very dangerous and can harm you and your family. 

Coyotes and Foxes

These animals are helpful in keeping the pest population to a minimum. They prey on smaller animals that are a nuisance for humans. Coyotes and foxes are generally peaceful with humans, but it’s not a good idea to welcome these animals onto your property, as they can harm pets. It is also not a good idea to let these animals be around young children. If you see these creatures out in the woods enjoying their natural habitat, that is not a big deal, but be wary if they start to come into your property and into your backyard. 

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