Chimney Screening in New Jersey

ChimneyAll kinds of wildlife have discovered that living close to people benefits them greatly. Easy to find food supplies and a good source of nesting or denning sites make suburban and even urban New Jersey neighborhoods an attractive habitat for many different animal species. People generally don’t mind their wildlife neighbors, until one of the animals takes up residence in a chimney. At that point these animals become your worst nightmare.

Animals that live in NJ Chimneys

Birds, squirrels or raccoons are by far the most likely wildlife species to move into a building’s chimney. All of the animals are looking for a warm, safe place to live and raise their families. Of course, birds, squirrels and raccoons look for nesting sites high off the ground, which a chimney provides. A chimney with unobstructed access points allows the parent to place a nest or den inside and then leave at will to search for food.

Building occupants object to sharing space with wildlife for a number of reasons. A nest in a chimney means the fireplace can’t be used. The cheeping noises birds make can drive some people crazy. Wildlife droppings carry disease. Squirrels and raccoons can be very destructive, gnawing on wood, wires and pipes that can cause structural damage. Sometimes the young fall out of the nest into the fireplace and may even escape into the building.

Removing Animals from your Chimney

Many people believe that removing wildlife from a chimney is a simple procedure, but discover to their dismay that it’s much harder. Trained wildlife exterminators understand how important it is to make sure a nest is vacated before the mother is removed from the premises. An urban wildlife trapper and relocator will be familiar with the wildlife regulations in New Jersey concerning the removal processes for specific animals. New Jersey mandates when and how birds and squirrels can be trapped or removed from a chimney, as well as what kind of extermination products can be used.

Make sure animals never return

A building owner who has played unwilling host to wildlife should take steps to make sure the animal can’t return. A professional exterminator can install a chimney cap constructed of steel that a raccoon or squirrel can’t gnaw through. Birds can be prevented from entering the chimney by laying screening or wire mesh hardware cloth across the opening. A building owner will be glad he hired a professional company to remove unwanted wildlife.

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