Fall Pest Control in New Jersey

Rat a tat tat

When temperatures drop in autumn, pests look for warm places to spend the winter. Crickets, rats and mice are very good at slipping inside your house. Once they’ve found a way to invade your home, they quickly set up colonies and begin breeding. Before you realize it, you have an infestation.

Common Rodents in New Jersey

Nordic rats are the most common type of rat. They’re about six inches long. These grayish-brown beasts can chew through drywall easily if they’re looking for a free meal and a drink of water. Rats spread numerous diseases, so if you see a rat in your home, you should call A-Academy to handle the problem.

Common mice are even more likely to infest your home. They can sneak through the tiniest cracks. Mice can set up a colony in just a few weeks. Mice and rats will chew on electrical wiring, which can cause a house fire. Mouse traps might catch the few that wander into your cupboards, but the colony will remain intact. They usually live behind your walls and under your floorboards. Usually, 10 mice make up a colony. Newborns leave to form their own nests. One small colony can become a few nests in a couple months.

Cricket Control

Crickets head inside when the weather gets cold. They lay eggs and breed in the warmth of your home. If you hear crickets chirping in the winter, they’re in your walls. They need to be removed because these pantry raiders spread germs. They’re just looking for a free lunch.

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