Hamilton, NJ Pest Control

At A-Academy, our team receives a lot of calls from people who need help dealing with and controlling a range of pests. Although you can find many pest control providers in Hamilton, New Jersey, most residents come to us when they need a professional team on which they can depend. Not only do we have the training and education required to get the job done right, but we also have tons of experience assisting people who are just like you. We know how stressful dealing with an infestation can be, and that is why we treat each of our customers like family. When you turn to us, you will know that you are in good hands. We are now going to go over some of the most common pests that we eliminate.

Carpenter Ants

A lot of homeowners think that carpenter ants eat wood, but that is only a myth. They will, however, make their nest in wood, which can cause a lot of damage. If you don't notice the problem right away, your walls and floors can start to swell and buckle from the damage.


As one of the most feared insects, bedbugs will not waste any time making their way into your home to find a consistent supply of food. After you fall asleep, they will bite you and drink your blood. Most people get red bumps on their skin from the bites, but not everyone shows the symptoms.


A crack or small hole in your wall is all that it will take for mice, rats and other rodents to get inside. They can carry diseases and transfer them to people, presenting a health concern, but rodents can also chew on your wires and cause a fire.


Attracted to moist or rotted wood, termites will come into your home and destroy your wood walls and ceilings, but the pests will also target any wood furniture that you have. Some people overlook the danger and fail to take action when they spot the warning signs, but you will want to avoid that mistake unless you would like to pay for expensive repair bills. The key to safeguarding your family and your property is to address the termite invasion as soon as you notice it. If your neighbors have termites, there is a good chance that the insects have made their way into your home, so you will want to do an inspection.


No matter if you have bedbugs, rodents or other pests trying to take over your home or place of business, A-Academy will be happy to get the situation under control in no time. We will work with you to understand the extent of the problem, enabling us to handle it effectively and efficiently. To save money, some homeowners try to manage the infestation alone, but doing so only offers mixed results. When you don't want to take chances, let the team at A-Academy come to the rescue, and you will be glad that you did. Give us a call for a free quote today!