Lakewood, NJ Pest Control

Argentine Ants

Ridding your home of termites, ants and rodents helps you protect the health of your family as well as the structural integrity of your house. Burrowing into wood or consuming cellulose as ants and termites do weakens the support structures. Rodents carry bacteria that can make your family members sick. Our goal is to track your pests to their nests and eradicate them so that you can have peace of mind about threats to your home.

Getting the Benefits of Effective Pest Control

Using the newest products and the latest methods of pest control allows us to offer the most effective service. At A-Academy, we use products that are tested and registered to ensure that your service is safe and delivers desired results. With more than 35 years of service to businesses and residences in New Jersey, we have developed a reputation for outstanding customer service.

Finding and Identifying Termites

One of the most destructive pests in your home is also one of the most difficult to detect. The damage that termites can do to dark, damp and remote areas of your home is extensive. Their habit of nonstop eating makes them capable of destroying your property before you know they are there.

Subterranean termites enter your home through wood that touches the ground. Some signs that you have a termite infestation include mud tunnels that lead from the soil in your flower beds into the low lying wood on your home. You may also see a swarm of termites that look like flying ants, a signal that you need to call us for an accurate identification.

Controlling Your Ant Population

The tiny ants that you find on your kitchen counter-top have a stinger, but it is usually too small to cause any harm. The carpenter ant, however, can burrow into damp wood to make a nest, and the fire ant can deliver a painful sting that may lead to infection. Pharaoh ants are more common in restaurants and hospitals than in residences, and their ability to transmit staphylococcus bacteria makes them extremely dangerous.

Ants can enter your home through cracks around windows, but they are likely to walk in through a door as well. Successful hunters that seek sweets and grease in your home, they leave a trail that leads colony members to a source of food. Nests are usually in your lawn, but they can form an indoor colony of thousands within a few days.

Eradicating Rodents

The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control cites several diseases that rodents can transmit, including murine typhus, rat-bite fever and leptospirosis. Rats can enter your home through a space no larger than a quarter, making gable vents, crawl spaces or openings for pipe easily accessible ways to get inside. Do-it-yourself poisons can make rats die between your walls, creating an intolerable stench.

Disposing of pests requires the knowledge and experience of a professional pest control contractor. Call us today for a free quote.