Manchester, NJ Pest Control

Wood tickA-Academy has been keeping Manchester homes and businesses bug-free for more than three decades. Our state's mild summers are notorious for bringing a bevy of bugs that spread diseases, damage infrastructure and feast on mammalian blood. Read about some of the common pests that love Manchester as much as its residents, and find out how A-Academy can help keep your family, employees and pets safe.

Bed Bugs

Anyone who has experienced a bed bug infestation knows that it is a truly nightmarish situation. Beds bugs usually enter the home by hitching a ride on clothing and then move on to couches, futons, beds and other cushy furniture. They are mostly inactive and unseen during the day, but at night they awaken to suck your blood and leave red welts all over your body. Some people are hypersensitive to bed bugs and can experience severe allergic reactions. Bed bug eradication is not a do-it-yourself job; when these critters come into your dwelling, your only choice is to call a professional exterminator like A-Academy. There are many options available ranging from heat treatment to full fumigation.

Termite Control

The staple of a termite's diet is wood, but these infrastructure eating insects are also know to chew through plaster and even metal. Termites cost New Jersey property owners millions of dollars in building repairs every year, and at worst, they can weaken a home's interior so much that it becomes unsafe. The damage is usually long done by the time owners notice. If you see swelling in your floors or ceilings accompanied by the smell of mildew, do not assume it's water damage; call A-Academy for a termite inspection before you're forced to call a construction company for repairs. There are many species of termites that require different strategies for eradication, and our technicians come with the tools to kill all types and employ preventative measures to keep them outside.

Flea and Tick Control

Flea infestations are a huge annoyance to homeowners, but the affects are far worse on your four-legged friends. These bloodsuckers like to live on their hosts and have an affinity for animal fur, which is how they usually enter a home. Flea eggs are notoriously resilient and hatch within two days, so you have a brand new generation to deal with every 48 hours. Ticks reproduce only once during their life cycle, but each female lays thousands of eggs, so tick problems quickly multiply exponentially. Even worse, they carry diseases that can transit to you and your pets including Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Q fever, meningoencephalitis, tularemia, lyme disease and tick paralysis. For the safety of you and your pets, call A-Academy as soon as you notice ticks and fleas in your home. Pets may also require special treatment, for which you should consult a veterinarian.

Do not wait for a bug problem to make itself known. Call A-Academy for a preemptive inspection and we'll take measures to protect your home from insect intruders. If you already have an infestation, the A-Academy team has the experience and expertise to fully exterminate any pests that torture Manchester residents.