Monmouth County, NJ, Pest Control

As the gateway to Jersey Shore, Monmouth is conveniently located in an area that's bustling with activity. The list of attractions is long and pleasing. However, in this beautiful area, homeowners have to safeguard their botanical gardens from plant-eating insects, and business managers have to rid their buildings of destructive pests. This is the case because Monmouth, NJ, is definitely getting more than its fair share of critters. Thankfully, A-Academy provides services for large and small infestation problems.

Bed Bug Control

At A-Academy, we're fully aware that you don't want to sleep in a bed that may be infested with bed bugs, so helping you is our first order of business. Yes, these tiny pests can be tough to find and eliminate, but this is definitely a job that we can handle. We jump-start the extermination process by carrying out a rigorous inspection. Once we detect all their living and hiding spots, we waste no time with applying our tried-and-true solution. Since our Monmouth County team specializes in getting rid of bed bugs and other pests, we're confident enough to say that you'll have a critter-free indoor environment before we leave.

Termite Control in Monmouth County

Termites are able to move into your property's wooden structures without drawing any attention to themselves. The more they burrow, the more they can expand their colony. The resulting property damage can be more substantial than you may realize. However, these wood-destroying pests have finally met their match. We have all the right equipment and skills to eradicate them once and for all. We also can help prevent future infestations.

Residential Pest Control

Beware that your home is vulnerable to a pest invasion, no matter what the season is. Spring is the time of the year when most pests aim to breed. Summer is the season that most property owners dread because rodents and creepy crawlies increase their activity level. Pests seek out shelter when winter months approach, but you don't have to worry. We know what to do to stop them from carrying out their plans.

Here at A-Academy, we contain critters in the same way that police officers arrest criminals. Our control strategies work whether the infestation is major or minor. Instead of relying on a half-baked plan, we carry out a thorough inspection to identify the species, and then we take the time to develop a customized program. We don't stop until every pest is gone.

Commercial Pest Control

Rats and roaches are only some of the pests that like to invade commercial buildings. Whether you have a restaurant or a convenience store, your place of business will be targeted sooner or later, and this is true even if you clean up on a regular basis. That's why we're at your service. No pest problem is out of our scope. We're well familiar with the habits and the behaviors of pests, so identifying the species of the culprit will be an effortless task for us.

In order to ascertain the scope of the infestation, we don't just use our great attention to detail and advanced equipment. We also zero in on the damage and on the droppings. Using every ounce of our pest control knowledge, we can determine which course of action is the best one for your specific situation. It doesn't matter if the culprit is a large ant army or a stealthy termite colony. We're able to rid your commercial building of all critters. For this reason, you can count on us to deliver satisfactory results on our first attempt.

We proudly serve Monmouth County as well as many other New Jersey counties and towns. Check out our service area and see if we can help you with your pest problems. Call us today for an estimate on our service.