Commercial Pest Control in Monmouth and Ocean County

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Household and pantry pests can flourish in a home or business and cause tremendous damage by contaminating food and other organic products. Insects annually cost Americans millions of dollars when

 they become a serious problem in restaurants or food storage facilities, and they also cost homeowners when pests get into the groceries.

Pests can also damage carpets and, if they get into your closets, they can damage clothes. Take the carper beetle for example, which is common in New Jersey. They damage linen, cotton and rayon, and cause damage to furniture, as well as carpets. These pests also voraciously devour stored grains, nuts, meal or cereals.

Roaches Control in Monmouth & Ocean County

Cockroaches are capable of spreading 33 different types of bacteria, including Salmonella and dysentery, as well as a number of other pathogens. These pests also cause significant allergic reactions that can result in asthma and pulmonary disease, especially in children and the elderly. The most common species of cockroach found in New Jersey are the German, American and Oriental cockroaches.

American Cockroach

The largest roach species found in New Jersey is the American cockroach, which can grow to two inches in length. This species is particularly aggressive and has been known to forge in the daytime, rather than being primarily nocturnal like other species. These dangerous pests will eat anything that humans eat and are attracted to garbage, food, and yard debris. They live anywhere that is warm and damp, such a basements and sewers.

They enter homes and businesses by crawling under doors, or crawling up sewer pipes. Once inside they tend to live in any cracks or crevices that exist near food and water, which increases the risk that they will build large cockroach nests under sinks or in crawl spaces or under appliances.

Hiring a Monmouth and Ocean County Pest Pro

As pests primarily come out at night to forage, the homeowner or business owner may not realize that there is an infestation. However, pest control professionals have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that a home or business is pest-free and that steps are taken to ensure that any dangerous and destructive insects are not only eradicated but cannot come back. We are thoroughly knowledgeable in regards to all the pests native to New Jersey.  We have been serving New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania for over 40 years. Protection from these pests and the damage they cause can be had simply by calling us and getting a free pest control quote.

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