Toms River, NJ Pest Control Services

At A-Academy Termite & Pest Control, we only employ state-licensed technicians to handle your pest problems. This gives you the assurance that you are receiving the best quality for an affordable price. We have over 40 years of experience dealing with every type of pest problem from rodents to ants. We receive many calls each month from residents and business owners looking for with pest control services in Toms River. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we are a great choice for pest control.


While some termites feed only on rotting trees and stumps, others feed on any wood found in your Toms River home. They can destroy support beams, furniture, wallpaper and even papers in file cabinets quickly. Infestations are hard to detect in many cases. You may notice piles of shed wings from swarms or wood that sounds hollow when tapped but should sound solid. Visibly gnawed wood is also an infestation sign, and dampwood termites build dirt tubes along the foundation of your home to enter it. If you see termites, call our exterminators immediately. Delaying treatment even for a week can cost thousands of extra dollars in damage repair.

Carpenter Ants

These ants are larger than the tiny ones that are often found crawling through screens and under doors. Carpenter ants feed on wood, and they are known to destroy eaves and outdoor wood structures or trees that are damp. They build nests in the wood, and they destroy more of it as their colonies grow. Our professionals know how to effectively remove these destructive pests and prevent future problems.


Bedbugs are tiny brown pests with flat bodies. They may appear rounded or elongated. Bedbugs are spread with luggage, on clothing and even in backpacks at schools. These pests feed on human blood and usually bite when you are sleeping. Bedbugs hide in carpet, under furniture and in mattresses. Since they multiply fast, are elusive and can live months without fresh blood, they are hard to completely eliminate. We provide effective treatment plans that eliminate bedbugs, and we can help you prevent future infestations.


Mice and rats are two of the worst rodents for homes and businesses. They can enter through tiny openings under doors or windows. These pests drop feces and urinate on carpeting and furniture. They chew through containers and contaminate your food supply. Rat urine may contain listeria, which can be spread through direct contact with a contaminated surface or through spores in HVAC systems. Deer mice may carry hantavirus in their feces. This is a life-threatening illness. Many people make the mistake of trying to bait and poison rats or mice. However, they usually take the poisonous bait behind walls, die and cause a terrible smell that is expensive to fix. We know how to safely and effectively remove infestations and keep these unsightly rodents out of your Toms River home. We can also trap and remove possums, raccoons or other rodents.

For any type of pest problem, call A-Academy. We provide prompt responses and effective solutions. Our preventative services keep you a step ahead of pests in Toms River. Contact us today for a free estimate.