Wall Township Pest Control

Ant 10Very few people in Wall Township can say they have never had a pest problem. There are several pests that are common in the area. Fleas, ticks, bedbugs, carpenter ants and wildlife are all problematic. If you suspect these critters may be invading your space, it is important to know what damage they can do and how to look for them.

Carpenter Ants

These destructive pests burrow into wood and find their way into homes, garages and other structures. They are large and are usually found near wood.


While fleas do not usually choose humans to live on, they may still bite people. They can create skin problems for pets, and they live both indoors and outdoors. Fleas can carry bacteria and are very hard to eradicate since they have four life cycles.


Ticks can attach themselves to people and animals outdoors without being noticed. They may spread Lyme disease, spotted fever and a variety of other harmful diseases.


These pests multiply quickly. They are commonly found under furniture and mattresses, and a colony of them will often give off a musky smell.


Rats, mice, possums, skunks and raccoons are common wildlife pests. In addition to tearing open your garbage, they can carry diseases. Mice can carry hantavirus, rats can carry listeria and the larger critters can carry rabies.

Professional Pest Control in Wall Township

At the first sight of any of these pests, call A-Academy Termite And Pest Control immediately. We offer professional, fast and effective removal services. Home treatments found on the Internet are not as effective as professional methods, so do not risk your home or health. Call us for a free quote.