New Jersey Wildlife RemovalRaccoon

At one point or another, you may have had a squirrel or raccoon taking up resident in your home.  These creatures are unwanted, un-paying tenants.  While some of these animals look cute, in actuality they can be very destructive, causing major damage to your home or dwelling.  Major infestations may cause damage to electric wires from constant chewing.  Health problems can also arise from feces left behind. 

Raccoon Control

The incidence of rabies in raccoons is very high, which is why you should always hire a trained professional to remove a raccoon or squirrel problem from your property.  All of our technicians here at Academy are fully trained in squirrel and raccoon removal, and use animal friendly methods to capture them.

When to Call a Professional

So if you find squirrels or raccoons tearing up your garbage, your lawn or garden, they may have already taken up residence in your home.  They may have nested, and have babies living in your house as well.  Call us today for a free inspection.  We offer re-entry prevention as well as chimney caps and screening.  Call A-Academy today for your wildlife removal needs.