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Can Pests Spread the Coronavirus?

The coronavirus pandemic is still active around the world, and many people are fearful that they will catch this disease. While coronavirus can be spread from human to human, there is no evidence that this illness can be spread through pests. As summer is approaching, many people are concerned about having contact with pests and how that will affect their health. Continue reading to learn about pests and the other diseases they can carry.


Summer is always a time for insects to come out of hibernation and thrive. People across the world experience an insect increase during warm months, and there is a higher chance of getting bitten or stung by these pests. Many people are concerned about contracting a disease in this manner because mosquitoes have been found to carry malaria and the Zika virus, and ticks are known for carrying Lyme disease. However, there is absolutely no evidence that any insect can carry the coronavirus. Human-to-human contact is the only way this disease can be spread.


Pests like rabbits, squirrels, mice, rats, and raccoons also come out more during the summer. It is easy for these small rodents to make their way into your yard and garage and potentially your home if there is an easy entrance. Many rodents are nocturnal, so you will have a higher chance of seeing them at night. Thankfully, there is no evidence of these pests carrying coronavirus. Although rodents can be a nuisance, you do not have to worry about them transmitting this virus.

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