How to Avoid Bed Bugs When Traveling to the Jersey Shore

 Traveling is the most common way to get a bed bug infestation.  During the summer time, millions of people come visit the Jersey Shore.  Popular tourist areas are known for spreading bed bugs.  Bed bugs have been discovered in some of the best hotels, trains, buses and any other places where people gather.

Travel Tips

  • Always inspect any area you feel would harbor bed bugs.
  • In hotel rooms always inspect the bed.
  • Pull down the covers and check the mattress and box spring.
  • Check the dressers and closet.
  • Never put your clothing in the dressers in the room.
  • Leave your clothes in your suitcase and even put your suitcase in the tub, or on the folding luggage rack.

When You Get Home

Upon your return from your trip put your clothing in the wash as soon as you arrive, and leave your luggage in the garage or outside the home. Being aware of your surroundings and that there is a potential bed bug infestation will greatly improve you chances of not bringing any unwanted guests home from your trip.

If you think you may have brought home bed bugs, contact A-Academy for a free bed bug inspection.