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In New Jersey, summer means spending time outdoors and having fun in the sun, but stinging pests like wasps and hornets can quickly ruin the enjoyment of an outdoor picnic or a day at the pool. Unfortunately, staying indoors cannot always protect a family from stinging pests. What risks can stinging pests pose to a family? What should a homeowner do when wasps and hornets are causing a problem inside their home or in their lawn?

The Dangers of Wasps and Hornets

Wasps and hornets are both stinging insects that can cause pain to people who are the victims of a sting. The pain associated with stinging pests is not the only reason to avoid them. Some people have a severe allergic reaction to stings and can go into anaphylactic shock. If medical attention is not sought immediately following a sting, people who experience anaphylaxis could potentially die.

Wasps and Hornets in New Jersey

Wasps and hornets can enter a home when a door is left open, but the most common way for these pests to get in is by finding cracks or holes. Homeowners may want to leave their windows open when the weather is nice, but holes in a screen or a gap under the screen can allow pests to easily enter a home.

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