Bed Bug Exterminators in New Jersey


Bed bugs in New Jersey are a serious problem and one you need to address quickly to prohibit further spread of these pests. If you suspect a bedbug infestation in your home, several steps should be taken immediately to reduce the spread of the infestation. The last few years have seen a significant increase in bedbug infestations.

What are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small, flat, and brown insects that burrow in mattresses and fabric. They are spread via clothing, hair, bedding, pets, backpacks and furniture. You should also watch purses and computer bags, as they have been known to carry these pests. The life of a bed bug can be as long as 10 months and they are able to go for several months without feeding at all. Bites from bedbugs are usually painless and rarely will wake you, but will later typically result in red itchy welts. The longer you wait to remedy a bed bug problem in your New Jersey home, the more likely it is to require more stringent efforts to eradicate them.

New Jersey Bedbug Control

Bedbugs can be very difficult to be rid of in the garden state without the help of a professional. The early signs of infestation will usually reveal bedbugs in sheets, clothing, and as the infestation grows, you will begin to find them in mattress folds, behind baseboards, bed frames, furniture and in cracks in your doors and walls. If you think you may have a bedbug problem, contacting a licensed pest control company as soon as possible will produce the best outcome. We will gladly give you a free estimate on controlling your bed bugs.  We have been proudly servicing the Central NJ area for over 40 years.

Adult bedbugs have a rusty color, are wingless, oval, flat and can be seen with the naked eye. Once they begin feeding their bodies turn reddish and begin to swell. They tend to feed on humans, although pets may experience problems during a severe infestation. Without thorough and proper professional assessments and treatment it can be nearly impossible to completely rid a home or office of bedbugs.

Get a Free Quote for Bed Bug Exterminators 

The New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services recommend that homeowners with suspected bedbug infestation promptly consult with a pest control. We are available for prompt, professional consultation at your convenience. A-Academy will be able to quickly evaluate, identify and recommend a course of treatment to you. Extermination should happen as quickly as possible for the best outcome. Usually the home will be treated with insecticide. Non-chemical remedies are available, but are not always effective. Consulting with a licensed professional pest control company will aid you in determining what methods should be employed. We have been servicing Monmouth and Ocean County for over 40 years!

Don't wait until it's too late, get a free quote from a reliable bed bug exterminator and schedule your bed bug treatmnt. Bed bugs are extremely invasive and the longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to get rid of the entire infestation. Contact our team of exterminators today for a free quote!