New Jersey Stink Bug Control


Stink bugs are recognizable by their distinctive oval shape. They are large insects that have an unpleasant smell that they emit to ward off predators.

Stink bugs come in a variety of colors. The young ones are often black or yellow, but they are known to change color as they grow. When they reach adult size, they may be bright green or brown. Young stink bugs may also have spots or other markings that distinguish them from other flying insects.

How Stink Bugs Enter your New Jersey Home

Generally, stink bugs live outside and feed on plants, but they do take the opportunity to hide near houses and other dwellings as the summer comes to a close. After these bugs find crevices that will allow them entry into a house, they choose to move inside. Once inside, they like to hide within the walls or in the attic throughout the winter.

After the winter is over, stink bugs become active, and they look for ways to leave their winter homes. Unfortunately, some find their way inside the house instead.

Health Risks Associated with Stink Bugs?

The stink bug is not a health risk for humans, and they are not associated with any risk to a dwelling. They are mainly a nuisance to inhabitants of a house or a building because of the smell that they emit.

It doesn’t matter where the infestation of stink bugs has occurred. Our professionals at A-Academy Termite and Pest Control have the knowledge and the skills needed to remove these pests from your Monmouth County home or office building. Call us today for a free quote.