Flea and Tick Control in New Jersey

Wood tick

Fighting a flea or tick infestation in your central NJ home or yard can be extremely stressful. Fleas and ticks are two pests known to carry human disease. Fleas living outdoors are brought into the home via household pets. Ticks are also carried into the home on pets but are often brought into the home on human clothing or by hitching a ride on the hair of humans. Ticks remain fairly undetectable unless they are seen, or until the body begins to react at the site of a tick bite.

Most homeowners typically try home remedies at first. If the problem is new and slight, it may be possible to contain the spread and to prevent an infestation. It is important to note that most home remedies are successful only in killing the adult fleas or ticks. They may be effective in the short term but as new batches of eggs hatch, the problem occurs again and again. The use of a professional pest extermination company is recommended for quick, effective, thorough and long-term treatment. We offer free consultations and have 40+ years of experience for flea and tick control and extermination in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

New Jersey Flea Extermination

There are over 2000 species of fleas. The most common flea is the cat flea, followed closely by the dog flea. Females require fresh blood to produce eggs. Young fleas hatch within two days and the cycle continues to repeat. Adult fleas live 4-25 days. Although rare, fleas are known to carry the plague and murine typhus, but mostly they are a nuisance to both humans and their pets. Extermination of fleas involves treating your pet, your home and your yard. Here at A-Academy, we are ready to consult with you regarding the treatment choices available.

Tick Control in New Jersey

In Monmouth County there are several kinds of ticks. Lyme disease is spread by the tiny seed sized deer tick. Deer ticks are most active between the months of May and July which is also when most cases of Lyme disease are contracted. More than 35,000 confirmed or probable cases of Lyme disease are reported each year. Using a quality pest control service is imperative for control of ticks in residential areas. Having a reliable and experienced professional pest control company service your home and the area surrounding your home can offer you stress free enjoyment of the great outdoors for years to come. We have been servicing Monmouth County for over 40 years!

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