New Jersey Carpenter Ant Control

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What is a Carpenter Ant?

Carpenter Ants are relatively large ants that bore into soft, damp wood and build nests inside the hollow spaces. Although they are often mistaken for termites, carpenter ants do not actually consume the wood. Instead, they push piles of sawdust out through the entrance holes.

Carpenter ants have narrow waists, bent antennae and wings that are not all the same size. In New Jersey carpenter ant infestations, we mostly see black carpenter ants, but they may also be red or a combination of red and black.

How do Carpenter Ants Enter a Home?

In the outdoors, carpenter ants typically build their nests in decaying trees or piles of old wood. If your home has water damage, it will be easy for the ants to bore through the damaged wood and begin nesting inside your house. Carpenter ant infestations are commonly found near rotting or damaged wood on your house or shed. When they are trying to establish new colonies, the ants normally swarm during the spring and summer months.

How Much Damage do They Cause?

Because they build tunnels inside the wood in your home, carpenter ants can cause severe structural damage. Not only do you have to worry about a carpenter ant infesation causing damage in your home but the can also cause damage to the trees in your yard. These ants can infesta  tree making it less sturdy and more likely to fall and cause damage to your home. 

Signs of an Infestation in New Jersey

Carpenter ants usually forage for food at night, so they are not always noticeable. However, if you spot a group of ants inside, there is probably a nest in your walls. You may also notice their tiny entrance holes and some sawdust on the floor. The most effective way to treat a carpenter ant infestation is to eliminate their nests. If you suspect that you have an anfestation in your home, contact us today. We at A-Academy Termite & Pest Control have been servicing Ocean County for over 40 years.