Bed Bug Control in Jackson, NJ

Bed bugs can be a nightmare for homeowners and property managers. These persistent parasites can be a source of tremendous discomfort, and a rise in the number of bed bug infestations has many people worried. Here at A-Academy, we offer bed bug control services in Jackson, as well as many other New Jersey towns.

The common bed bug is a parasite that feeds on human blood, but other bed bug species will feed on pets and other animals. These primarily nocturnal pests tend to inhabit dark areas that are close to sleeping humans. Likely hiding places include box springs, mattress seams, bed frames, and bed clothes. Infestations can occur in other areas. The bite of a bed bug can cause a skin rash, discomfort, and symptoms of an allergic reaction. Bites tend to occur on exposed skin, especially skin on the neck and arms. Most people do not notice the bites when they occur.

For Jackson homeowners, bed bugs can be a painful nuisance. For business owners in the hospitality industry and other related fields, bed bug infestations can be devastating for business. News of bed bugs in a hotel can damage that facility's reputation. The public tends to associate bed bugs with a lack of cleanliness and proper housekeeping, even though this is not the case. Additionally, the pests can spread rapidly if a proper pest control intervention does not occur. Bed bugs can move from one location to another by hitching a ride on linens, furniture, people, and pets.

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