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Can Drain Flies Make It Through The Winter?

During the warmer climates, drain flies are pretty good at survival. However, what happens if they become exposed to colder climates? These pests have some serious surviving skills when it comes to certain situations. Can they make it through the winter?

Can Drain Flies Make It Through The Winter?

Reproductive Performance

Drain flies will normally hibernate in temperatures that are more suitable for them, which would be around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Winter climates aren’t quite suitable for hibernation, since winter has much colder temperatures. 

The colder it gets, the longer it will take for them to reproduce. This is due to the fact that the cold temperatures slow their biological processes down. So, what happens to them as the temperature keeps declining? Will the drain flies die once the real cold weather starts to kick in?

Their Survival

The drain larvae are actually quite tough, and are able to survive through some pretty major temperature changes. They hardly even need any oxygen, and can stay below the gelatinous film formed in drains for long periods of time if they wish to. Although they’re able to survive through temperature changes, they have zero chance at surviving extremely low temperatures. 

They’re safe inside your warm and cozy home, but once winter arrives, let the inside of your home cool down so that the cold will reach them. This will help rid your home of all the moth fly larvae. You can utilize many different options when ridding your home of drain flies. However, taking advantage of the temperature changes this winter is the most straightforward way to kill them. 


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