New Jersey Flying Termite Swarms


When the weather is favorable, termites often take flight to search for a suitable location for a new colony. In our service area in New Jersey and also in other states in the Northeast, this process generally occurs on warm days after a period of rainfall. In heated homes, swarms may also occur during cold weather.

How They Enter Homes

Termites are weak fliers, and wind blows swarms around until they find a suitable nesting ground. If your home has wooden components or your property contains trees, the area could easily be used as a site for a new colony. If they select your property as a nesting site, termites will quickly tunnel beneath the soil and begin breeding. They can also enter a building and the soil beneath it through tiny cracks and holes in windows, door frames, and foundations.

Problems Caused by Termites

Termite queens can lay tens of thousands of eggs, and many colonies contain millions of adult termites. They feed almost exclusively on cellulose, an organic compound that gives plants their structures. When termites gnaw on building timbers with their powerful jaws, they leave the wood hollow and weak. Under favorable conditions, termites can do extensive damage to a home's wooden framework in a period of weeks or even days.

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Termite damage often costs thousands of dollars to repair, especially if the problem is left untreated. If you notice termite swarms in or around your home, contact A-Academy for a free quote. We have eradicated termites and other pests in Monmouth County for over 40 years.

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