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Wasp & Hornet Removal Tips

When you walk outside, especially in the spring and summer, seeing a wasp or hornet nest is fairly common. You want to remove the nest as soon as possible so that you don't have an abundance of insects near your home. If you aren't sure how to remove them or if you don't feel safe removing the pests, contact a company like A-Academy Pest that can come to the home to use products that are safe for the family and the environment to get rid of the nest and the insects.

There is a possibility that you'll get stung at least once when removing a wasp or hornet nest or when you're trying to get the pests to stop flying around your home. Make sure you're not allergic to them before trying to remove them because one bite can lead to a severe reaction. Spray insecticide on the nest to kill as many of the insects that are on it as you can. Try to soak the nest to ensure that any insects that are hidden inside the nest are killed as well. When you're dealing with hornets and wasps in large numbers, wear long pants, a long-sleeve shirt or jacket, gloves and a mask to keep as much skin as possible covered. It's sometimes best to wait until the evening hours or at night to try to kill the pests because this is the time when they are usually all at the nest. Stand back a few feet from the nest before spraying any kind of insecticide, but make sure you are close enough so that the nest can be thoroughly soaked.

After the nest is soaked, leave the area. Wait about 20 minutes before going back to see if there is still movement on or inside the nest. If there are still wasps or hornets that are alive, spray the nest again. Remove the nest with a long stick or a gardening tool so that you don't touch it, decreasing the risk of getting stung if there are still insects present that you can't see. Larger nests or those that are in the ground that you can't completely see should be removed by a professional company.

If you need help removing bees or wasps from your property, be sure to contact A-Academy today!

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