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Ways To Keep Drain Flies Out of Your Kitchen

 If you notice tiny, moth-like insects buzzing around your kitchen drain, you are probably hosting a population of drain flies. Drain flies present an unnerving nuisance at the heart of your home. Follow these easy and effective methods for eliminating the problem of drain flies. 

Seal the Deal

When you first suspect that you have a drain fly infestation on your hands, do the duct tape test. Seal off your drain overnight with strips of tape. The next morning, check to see if flies are stuck to the sticky surface. Repeat this process for several nights to determine the extent of your infestation.

Thoroughly Clean the Drain

Take away what drain flies love the most: standing water and organic debris. Use the following methods for sanitizing your sink:

  • Send boiling water down the drain. Routinely clear your drains with a pan of steaming water. The heat will kill the insects while flushing out rotting food and other debris. 
  • Create a mixture of vinegar, baking soda and salt to achieve the clean you need. Allow the concoction to sit overnight. The baking soda will expand in a chemical reaction with the vinegar. The expansion efficiently cleans areas that are not reached by boiling water.
  • Use a snake or metal hose to gently probe and scrape a buildup of food and debris from your pipes.
  • Clear the U-trap located under the sink by opening the trap and washing it.
  • Include the rare use of chemicals such as Draino to execute a routine cleaning. Be careful to follow directions and do not overuse.

Stop Them in Their Tracks

While a thorough cleaning is your front line of attack in the elimination of fruit flies, you also want to get rid of the insects flying around your sink. Take charge of your kitchen by trapping the active flies and removing them from your home. 

  • Mix up a sweet recipe of soap, water, sugar and vinegar and leave it near the drain. Lure the flies in with the sweet aroma of the mixture. 
  • Try trapping the rest by leaving a dish containing apple cider vinegar with Saran Wrap. Puncture the wrap with small holes. The flies will enter the container in pursuit of the vinegar but will be unable to free themselves. 

Soon, the sight of these tiny flies hovering over your drain will only be an unpleasant memory.

When faced with drain flies or infestations of any kind, call on the professional team of A-Academy Termite and Pest Control. Our technicians are expertly trained to partner with you in the elimination of any unwanted invaders. Contact A-Academy today to ensure a pest-free home!

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