Termite Damage Repairs in New Jersey

Termite and Rot DamageTermites are insects that eat wood and other materials, and cause significant damage to homes and businesses in New Jersey each year. Termites are most visible in warm weather, but they are active even in the winter months. While termites do offer an advantage to the soil, they wreak havoc in ways that many cannot even imagine.

How Termites Can Cause Damage to Your Home 

Termites are able to eat enough of the wood that comprises a home’s structure that it becomes a safety hazard. The strength and safety of the home they target quickly declines once the termites get started. Unfortunately it is not only wood that these insects devour. They will also eat metal, plaster and other materials. It is important for those who suspect that they have termites living in their home to contact us right away because these bugs work quickly. If you do not act quickly you may find that you are unable to live in your home any longer. We can give you a free quote on a New Jersey termite inspection.

What Are the Signs of Termite Infestations and Termite Damage? 

There are a few signs you can look for to determine if termites might be eating your home or business. Termites do not just attack the home’s structure. They also eat cabinets, furniture and floors. Termite damage is often confused for water damage. The floors and ceilings in your home may appear to swell or bulge. The smell of mildew may accompany the damage. You should contact us immediately if you detect any of these signs of infestation.

What Happens if You Don't Get Termite Damage Repaired?

The consequences of not dealing with termite infestation immediately are numerous. Repairing a home’s destroyed foundation is expensive, not to mention that you may have to live elsewhere while the repairs are in progress. It is an inconvenience to your lifestyle.

Get a Free Quote on Termite Damage Repair 

Getting rid of termites, or preventing them altogether, is not difficult if you get a professional pest control service to handle it for you. You may not realize that damage has occurred until the worst is done. We will inspect your residence or business to ensure that termites are to blame for your structural problems. Not only will we correct the problem but we will also take preventative measures to ensure it does not happen again.